2011 Faculty Symposium

Understanding our Students:
Ethos, Experience and Expectations

Unicoi State Park and Conference Center – Helen, GA

March 25-26, 2011
The 2011 Academic Affairs Faculty Symposium will explore the modern student culture, experience, motivation and expectations for higher education. The symposium will address the questions of how well do we understand our students and are we adequately prepared to teach them. Understanding our contemporary students is critical to curriculum design, effective classroom teaching, academic programs and the success of the First Year Odyssey Seminars (FYOS).

Symposium Program

Introduction– Joe Broder

Welcome – Jere Morehead

Keynote Speaker – Jean Twenge

Luncheon Presentation – Tim Foutz

Panel on Student Support
Jean ChinJulie SegrestMark Compton
and Jan Hathcote (Moderator)

Panel on Student Learning
Jody Clay-Warner, Kathrin Stanger-Hall
and Marcus Fechheimer (Moderator)

First Year Odyssey Seminars
Small vs Large Classes
Lower vs Upper Division Classes
Non-traditional Classes
Student Support and Development

Image Gallery

Millennial Quiz and Article s

Columns article

Post-Conference Survey

Symposium Topics 1991 – 2011


Symposium Planning Committee
Josef Broder – Co-chair
Trish Kalivoda – Co-chair
Marcus Fechheimer
Chris Franklin
Jan Hathcote
Audrey Haynes
Mark Huber
Libby Morris
Luke Naeher
Paul Quick
Stephen Thompson

This 21th Academic Affairs Faculty Symposium is sponsored by the University of Georgia Teaching Academy. Funding was made possible through the financial support of the Office of the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The Planning Committee would like to thank Stefani Hilley for her assistance in planning and coordinating the Symposium.