Class of 2004

Front row (left to right): Sheila W. Allen, Jan M. Hathcote, Libby V. Morris, Margaret M. Robinson;
Back row (left to right): Ronald W. McClendon, Lynn A. Bryan, Timothy J. Smalley, Gregory S. Broughton; Not pictured: David C. Hazinski
Sheila W. Allen
Veterinary Medicine
“When mentoring young faculty members, I try to help them see in themselves what the rest of the faculty members see: talented young professionals who are valued by their students and colleagues.”
Gregory S. Broughton
School of Music
“The successful teacher is not one who simply has all the right answers coupled with pristine oratorical skills through which he dispenses them. I believe the successful teacher is one who is willing to not only reach out to the student but to reach into the student’s experience.”
Lynn A. Bryan
Mathematics and Science Education
“. . . education is one of the fundamental elements that makes us a global community . . . what an individual teacher understands about her classroom can only be understood in relation to a broader set of concerns, whether they are social, political, economic or cultural.”
Jan M. Hathcote
Family and Consumer Sciences
“Students are the customers of the University of Georgia, and my teaching philosophy is to provide them current, relevant information, to deliver the material in a variety of methods, and to have them demonstrate their understanding in real-world applications.”
David C. Hazinski
“I believe in hands-on, active education built upon respect for the student and intelligent thought. Lessons should be simple. Exercises should be hard. Responsibility should be inherent and should be taken seriously.”
Ronald W. McClendon
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
“In high school, I never considered teaching as a career. My mother taught elementary school and her complaints about her job convinced me that teaching was not the choice for me . . . now, thirty years later, I cannot possibly imagine myself in a role other than teaching.”
Libby V. Morris
Institute of Higher Education
“Indeed, the educator teaches the student, not the content. The instructor should approach the responsibility to teach – to bring about learning, to change individuals – with joy, humility and honor.”
Margaret M. Robinson
Social Work
“Teaching is a challenge. It is a challenge to keep students engaged, to keep the material fresh, to open up young minds. However, it is also a privilege. When we forget the privilege part, we lose what is uniquely our job – the opportunity to shape and mold future generations.”
Timothy J. Smalley
“I teach every class, as if my child was in the class, and treat every student as I would wish my child to be treated. This attitude assures that my students obtain the respect and caring that they deserve and fosters an environment conducive to learning.”