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The Future of Teaching at the University of Georgia:
The Role of the Faculty in the Learning Environment

Academic Affairs Faculty Symposium
Unicoi State Park and Conference Center
March 7-8, 2003

The UGA Teaching Academy provided leadership, planning and support to the 2003 Symposium. Workgroup reports and recommendations on the following Symposium themes were presented to the Provost and have been published in Columns. Click on the following links to view Symposium documents:

2003 Symposium Columns Articles

Enhancing Teaching Quality (Scroll to "Forum Essay" to view story)

Extended Academic Programs (Scroll to "Forum Essay" to view story )

International Education (Scroll to "Forum Essay" to view story )

Faculty-Administration Relations (Scroll to "Forum Essay" to view story )

Graduate Student Panel

The University of Georgia’s Preparation of Future Faculty: A Graduate Students’ Perspective*

Alexis Hart, English Department
"On the Need to Keep the Practice of Excellent Teaching on Par with the Production of Excellent Scholarship"

Brian Harward, School of Public and International Affairs
Graduate Student Panel Remarks

Rupal Thazhath, Department of Cellular Biology
"The International Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Perspective"

Symposium Program

Click here to view the complete Symposium program...

2003 Academic Affairs Faculty Symposium Planning Committee Members

Teaching Academy
Loch Johnson, Chair
Bill Barstow
Joe Broder
Anne Dupre
Bill Jackson
Charles Kutal
Linda Medleau
Sherrie Nist
Teresa Perenich

Academic Affairs Staff
Jim Fletcher
Maxine Heard